Hey! I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m a data analyst with a background in social impact and program management. My past experiences working directly with social impact programs inspires and informs my explorations in data science.

After serving in marginalized communities all around my city and the world as a teen, I studied sustainable development at the University of Texas at Dallas and the Danish Institute of Study - including grant-funded research focused on alternative solutions for homelessness.

These experiences and the subsequent fours years spent managing sustainability programs at a high-level in public, private, and higher education organizations showed me the power of data to innovate, inform, and, most importantly, hold groups accountable for their impact on communities.

I feel a real sense of urgency to support and advocate for marginalized populations, and am focused on learning (Python, SQL, AWS, Machine Learning) and leveraging my privilege for good. Catch up with me on Twitter!


Senior Consultant - Data Analysis, Accretive Solutions
Analytics for Impact Fellow, Divergence Academy
Downtown Dallas Director, Women Who Code


“[Christine] is driven by a passion for creating legitimate change for marginalized people, and her pragmatic and grounded approach is what has built a strong connection between us. I have had the pleasure of working with, mentoring and learning from [her].” — Cody B., Technologist

“The ability to truly listen, develop empathy, and articulate understanding are traits that are rarely found in our present society. Christine is one of those exceptional individuals who possess these qualities and who can sort through the most complex of data collection, the human factor.” — Dayle P., DBA, University of Texas System Project Leader